Waking Up Alone

Waking Up Alone

Peaceful contentment, stirring…  conscious slowly becoming aware of the light on the outside of closed eyelids… infiltrating sounds tag team with the light ever increasingly… yet you fight against, clinch eyes forever closed, not wanting to wake to the reality… time passes, and you know you must relent and succumb to the reality, and so, open eyes…

Good morning, there is no one beside you, you are alone

Waking Up Alone II

Sans a warm body, the side of the bed beside where you lay is cool to the touch… no gently breathing life, still laying in repose, whose skin you may softly reach over and caress… to rest your relaxing gaze upon her shoulders, breasts, subtly rising and falling in rhythmic accordion style in slumbrous aspiration

Waking Up Alone III

And upon her waking, no, loving body to curl up next to yours… to feel her soft skin embraced within your arms, as her body lays contoured aside you… the sweet scent of her skin… her hair tickling your nose… as you both while away non-existant time together in the morning light, simply holding each other, being there as one, verbally and non-verbally greeting each other, and this new wonderful, beautiful day to be lived and shared with the other

Waking Up Alone IV

That is not the case though, now is it?  No.  For you lie alone.  No one but yourself.  And even though the morning sun may shine warm into your room, you feel none of it… just the chill of loneliness

Waking Up Alone V

Oh well… what else is new, right?  Nothing new at all, you should be used to this, this is your life, your everyday routine… so, get the fuck up.  Your morning, day, may be sad and miserable, but doesn’t mean that you need to be…  Yeah, being alone is your reality that you everyday awake to, but if you don’t get up, get out, move on, how will you ever hope for it to come so that this is not your waking world?  So, sit yourself up, take a deep breath and head out into the world, into life… for, who knows what it may bring and have in store for you

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