So much discarded and left behind.  I too?  Is that all that I am?  Trash?  I served your purpose?  And now having been used, done with what you needed and wanted from me, stripped down bare, I am just left without a care.  Hey, sure, it’s alright, certainly not the first one who seems to have done it… so, who cares, right?  Just leave me.

Discarded II

Once, I was called upon by you to shield and protect you from the harsh elements of this world, and for you, I dutifully did.  Taking the brunt of it in sheltering you though, wore on me, and over time I became frayed, from those stresses kept from you, and placed upon me.  You get angry and curse me, when I am not able to keep you safe from it all, all the time… but, I did my best for as long as I could… there is just so much that I too can take.  Now, you have left me, moved on to something better and new, I guess, I don’t know… leaving me hanging as to whether you’re coming back or not.

Discarded III

Just because I may not act, or look good sometimes, or a specific way that you deem I should, don’t discard me as no good, good for nothing… But, without common courtesy or respect, nor discretion as to how, when, or  where you choose to discard me, you do.  Just tossing me aside.  Am I no more to you than one that can just be thrown away whenever it suits you?  I am no longer good enough for you…  Am I too no longer good enough for anyone?  As that is how I now feel of me, of my worth.

Discarded IV

So I feel like I am floating through, adrift now in the cold waters of this world, just passing by, unseen… and when I am, I am looked upon with disgust and shame.  No, don’t look upon, and think of, me in such a way, please, it hurts too much as it is already… I know how I seem, but I can be more… please see that, and allow me to be so

Discarded V

That is what I must do for myself though.  I must allow myself to feel as if I am more than one that can just be discarded… that I have a purpose, I have a beauty, that if others won’t see for themselves, I must present for them… or, more importantly, for me.  For we should never feel that we are without worth, that we are nothing more than to just be whatever others need and want from us until they no longer do.  We are something.  We are more.  We are beautiful.  I may have been discarded, but I will not discard me.


  • richo says:

    Amazing images, I have never seen them before Jeff. They are great!

    • JPH says:

      Oh, Richard you’ve had to! These were taken while I was gallivanting about the countryside living out of a van a few years back on my journey… these were shot at Slab City while I was Wintering there… I know you were regularly following my travels and site during it all… or, maybe because the photos include my naked ass, you, in your attempt to un-see it all, just ended up blocking it all out of your memory 😄

      Anyway… thank you… this is the last creative, and good thing I have shot, and is a series I am actually proud of and like. Just wish I could and would get bin those creative spells, like I was with this one, more often!

      Thank you again though, I appreciate it! Thank you for visiting the ol’ site (number 228 I have had now 😏) also, I appreciate that too. How are things? I hope improving… last time we corresponded you were feeling down… I hope that is behind you, and you, and things, have perked back up.

      All the best to you, Richard… good to hear from you!

  • richo says:

    I must have missed them. I am quite sure I have never seen them before. They are really excellent. I have this small gallery in my living room maybe you have read the note on my web.. I am also preparing to be able to print b&w again. Would you consider to let me print them big (A2) and hang them there for people to see and also publish on my web like I did with my gallery last time?

  • richo says:

    Never mind Jeff, it is not that important…

    • JPH says:

      Oh no, you’re fine, Richard, just had a busy couple days to not get back here

      I am flattered, truly. I thought you was going to convert your shed into the gallery? Must be remembering wrong… And feel would certainly be an odd thing to be hung in your own living room then, the actual living space where you live, for you and Vera (did I remember her name right?) to have to see my naked ass displayed there on the walls of your home!

      I would be flattered to have the series displayed in your gallery though… only stipulation would be that it presented with the accompanying text, as they are out of context and incomplete without.

      As for on your site, I don’t know… first thing that pops into my mind when you asked that, is for you to just link back to the series on my site… but, may be open to that also… if it’s more like as advertising, marketing for the physical gallery at your place… we can talk about it all

      Thank you again, for your kind words on it, and the offer, I am flattered

      • richo says:

        I thought you didn’t answer. I only noticed today. The first incarnation of my gallery is in my living room, second one is hopefully ging to be in garage and next who knows, maybe nothing maybe something..
        If you ok with it then I would need some higher res file for printing. A2 size at least 240 dpi.

        is there RSS for the comments on your site so I can keep track of them? Or we switch to email?

        • JPH says:

          Yeah, never made a comments feed, because, well, I never get comments 😁 but, just created a comment feed … <- you click on that, and/or is also in the top right corner menu window. Of course, we could of, and can, discuss all this via email too, Richard. Would be no problem sending the print files to you... thank you again for the offer, I am again flattered.

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