A Sunset In Grey

August 17th, 2020

I will start moving at the end of this week… not a good move, as it will still just be here in this soul sucking area, and not the hell away from here… but, just to another apartment.

Pretty much the only nice thing about my current apartment, is that I reside on the top floor, with an unobstructed view to the west, which provides me with a very nice sunset view, now and then

Another Sunset

Had quite the colorful one again last night, but chose instead to convert it to good ol’ black and white (below)

The two colorful ones here, were taken if I look a little to my left towards the “midtown” area… the B&W below is pretty much looking straight out my window… the two towers being St. Cecelia’s church.

Midtown Sunset
A Sunset In Grey

The place I will be moving to, no such views… my view to the west there, will be of a small hill leading up to the back end of a cemetery… to the east, not fairing much better… but, it will be quiet, and more importantly, and the reason I am moving, is because I will be free from having to breathe pathetic loser’s smoking, which I do here in my current place, even though it is a “smoke-free building”.

So, goodbye to my sunset views.

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