Stopped By A Train

February 6th, 2021

First things first, giving credit to the photographers whose work I showcased above in the lead in image:

Yeah, so guess I am just obsessed with getting this new camera down, it’s whole color thing… since I have now done three stupid entries here, where that’s all I am wastin’ my time talkin’ about… but, just want to get it down, so when I am out shooting with the camera, I am getting the type of color shots that I want to get.

So yesterday, taking advantage of what looks like would be the last somewhat decent day to go out, weather wise, before actual Winter weather moves in, which is what will be the next solid week or so, with day time highs in the single digits, and below zero temps at night… I went out to experiment more with trying to capture color shots… and ended up really getting what all I wanted, whilst being stuck at a train.

Stopped By Train

I just seem to be taken by color images with those kind of color palette, where the colors are bold, but also at the same time, muted… have that certain nostalgic feel and look to them, because of the film, processing, of the time that led to such color images, like a handful of the photographs showcased in the lead in image hail from… while the rest are from contemporary photographers, who have just captured that desirable color style that I fancy.

Stopped By Train II

And with the new camera, the Fuji X-Pro3, and it’s ten trillion too many ways to adjust the image output look, and my frustration with it all, and just wanting it to simply capture bloody natural images, first and foremost, without applying all these myriad of looks to the image… figuring out how to do it, and then once so, going to create, simply create.

And think, think, I may have got the camera set to where will simply function and do that… will see.  But here, these images taken whilst stopped by a train, give as close as an approximation as to the color palette and style I would like to have in my images.

Stopped By Train III

Then again, that is not for each and every color scenario… mostly for urban color images… when back to being the livin’ hell out of this area that I am currently in, and again out in good ol’ nature, outdoors, then will just want the simple, natural colors that exist, in the images captured… and think, I have the camera set up for those occasions also.

Anyway, point being, this should finally definitely be the last bloody entry of me just goin’ off about color, my camera, etc.,

To close, I just want to add an addendum to my previous dumbass entry, of my going off on the obstacles I have with proper photographic editing, by the means of the monitor/screen I have to edit them on… and that is, it’s all really moot, when the end result is subject to whatever monitor/screen that the end viewer has in front of them, and will be viewing my images on.  That’s a crap shoot in proper color rendering, screen quality, etc…. which made the entry all the even more pointless and silly.

And that, if anything, just nailed home that I need to instead get to focusing back on creating physical prints of my images, in some form or another… be them just prints, or in a book…

Anyway, that is all and it.  Still have that one photo series in mind to do, that I am STILL trying to figure out how to do… in the meanwhile though, I do have another smaller in scope series in mind, that is more easily able to be done, that may be gotten to before I am able to figure out and get to the other… so, hopefully I can get to and do that in the short term.

All the best to you.  Keep moving forward.

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