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May 23rd, 2021

One of those times where it’s been so long since I’ve done anything with my own website, I have to remember how I do things on it… But alas, here I am after a quiet spell, and with a new lens!  And that would be the long end of lenses for my arsenal, Fuji’s 50-140mm f/2.8, which is an equivalent of a 70-200’ish in full frame.

Me being a prime lens dude, had originally wanted to do the same with the high telephoto end of the lenses I got for the X-Pro3… but, Fuji really isn’t into that, and doesn’t have nary a choice… wides, normals, and low end of teles, yeah they have an ridiculous over saturation of lenses to choose from… but for the long end of lenses, not so much.  Which is okay, because it consolidates the two primes I was going to get, into just the one that does and gets the same coverage… though at a slower f/2.8, whilst the two primes I was looking at were I believe an f/1.8, and f/2.0 perhaps?… But, is alright.

The lead-in image above shows what I have now, the 33mm f/1.4 (nifty-fifty equivalent)… an actual 50mm f/1.6 from back in my film days, and my original Fujica AX-3 film camera that I learned photography on and with, which is a 75mm’ish equivalent on the X-Pro3… and then the new Goliath of lens to the previous two, 50-140mm.

Though it’s Goliath girth and size, it is surprisingly light, and balances pretty well on the X-Pro3.  Focusing on it is freaky – it’s so freakin’ silent!  I thought I had gotten a bum lens, when first put it on and was checking it out on the camera, I wasn’t hearing a thing!  Even the wee 33mm makes a noise when focusing… but, not this behemoth, it’s freakishly, barely a whisper quiet… and since I exclusively use the optical viewfinder on the X-Pro3 (the reason I got it, so as to still have an OVF, even though on a mirrorless), the little focusing square within, is pretty much instantly green when I go to focus, so is no slouch in that department either… even compared to it’s little 33mm sibling, which hunts sometimes, and can hear it doing so… the 50-140mm is a silent focusing beast.

It’s beast size was really not made for the X-Pro though, as it’s big ass self protrudes quite enormously within the OVF… which when maxed out at the 140mm end, with the little framing box in the OVF, it’s big ass self is usually taking up some of that real estate, so really can’t fully see what you have framed, because it is blocking a portion of the right hand side… But, am sure can be gotten into the habit of quickly remedying that with the simple maneuvering of the front lever thingie, to the Electronic Viewfinder mode, and then just as easily and quickly back to OVF when done.

First Shot

That above is the first, trying out shot I took with the new lens, on the day it arrived… shot at it’s high end 140mm side, wide open, of one of my plants sitting out on my deck.

Yesterday, was my first little quick outing of going out and shooting with it… and already had in mind what it was I wanted to go and break it in on…

Sticking Up Above

Sticking Up Above

Nature / Urban Scene

Nature/Urban Scene

It was this view I had noticed when I would drive by in this certain part of town… I just liked the juxtaposition look of the dome structure thing (from the zoo), sticking up and out of the trees… and if lined up just right, could also get the tallest building from downtown in the background next to it.

So, that is where I went to finally be able to capture what I was envisioning as a shot, from the times driving by, since I now had a longer reach lens to be able to do so.  This spot is just before a bridge that spans the Missouri River that forms the borders of Iowa and neighboring Nebraska to the west, that I had to walk about a half mile to… and then, climb up on a railing so as to shoot above and over the view-obstructing fence they have along the side… which I am glad I was able to do… I was thinking I was gonna have to put the camera on my fully extended tripod, and hoist and hold it up and above the fence line… but, had a convenient rail to allow me to stand on and get the clear shot above.

The shot above, is maxed out at the 140mm side… the one to the left here, is still shooting at 140mm, but, I believe a 6, or 9 image panorama, to include some of the foreground.

Below, is pulling back to the 50mm end and doing a 9, or 12 image panorama… to include more of the Iowa side, of which I was on, there were a line of dead trees, from the latest climate changing / global warming, “once in a century” flooding that this area has had – within the past decade… that being two Summers ago, and the one before that being 2011, where extensive and massive flooding was had by the ol’ Mo River… almost entirely on the Iowa side… again.

Anywho… the one below was actually quite wider, off to the right hand side… but, ended up (after really, the longest, and most, I think I have ever spent on cropping) on this as the final crop, as I think it was the best composition of it… even though it doesn’t include half the dead trees that made me want to take it in the first place.

Really, in the end though, none of the shots ended up as neat as I saw it when driving by all those times previous… maybe from my driving, naturally, while I was driving by, I didn’t see the other structures that really are visible and can be seen… so, not as cool and neat as I envisioned the shot would be like, because of these other elements… and frankly, just not being as neat of a shot as it appeared to be when driving by… but, oh well, got me to go out to try out and shoot with the new lens.


Am pleased with having this lens now, and it opening up being able to shoot at a longer focal length, that I was hindered at being able to do so prior, with just my nifty-fifty… and seems like it will be a good lens at that to boot… which it sure as hell damn well better be, being that the mother fucker cost as much as the camera it is going to be used on!  Believe it is a good investment though.

Only remaining lens I want to acquire, is the 16mm f/1.4, which is a 24mm equivalent… honestly, had contemplated trading in my nifty-fifty’ish prime, and just getting the 16-55mm f/2.8 little brother of the lens I just got, and just have the two lens, covering everything… but, really want to have the 24 and 50 mil coverage, with their faster aperture prime selves, individually, than rolled into one… as I really like just shooting at those focal lengths, and do, a lot more… as opposed to telephoto shooting, where having it all in one lens, is fine for the high end, as shooting at those focal lengths is really not done as much as the lower ends.

Anyway… am lookin’ to actually try and pick up that last 16 mil lens next month, just so as to have the whole camera system all set up, done and over with.  Along with it, picking up an appearing nice sling camera bag from Peak Design that I have settled upon getting, after much research.  Photographers and camera bags!  We have acquired as many throughout our years as we have cameras and lenses, trying to find one to suit us best, and just so, to our needs and wants.  Previously, I have gone the backpack route, as that was just more comfortable than an over the shoulder one I had done prior to that… especially for all the trekking and hiking, a lot more comfortable to carry the gear in the backpack… but, was also a pain to access then your camera ad gear, from having to completely take the backpack off, etc… so, why wanting to do this sling a try, as it can be adjusted to be worn like a backpack kinda sorta, but then easily swung around, while still wearing, to open and pull out your camera and whatnot… so, looking forward to getting it and seeing.

Things with the new money-job are finally settling down (what has made the long interim since last have done and/or posted anything), so hopefully will be able to get to shooting and doing more… especially, like I said in a month’s time, having acquired the last of the gear, and being set and good to go for the coming decade… or for however long I continue to exist.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and as always, wishing all the best and well on your own personal journeys… hope that you are staying healthy and safe (I will be getting my second Covid vaccine shot this coming friday), and are yourselves, able to get back out there.  All the best to you.

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