Killin’ Time Bike Ride

October 17th, 2020

Today, I took the car into the shop for a minor electrical problem, while waiting for it to get done, I hopped on the bike and went for an eighteen mile ride.  I also brought the camera along so as to actually do some shooting for the first time in too long awhile.

Just meandered around the downtown area, and nothing really caught my eye, so just continued to the south edge of town to head towards a nature trail I had been meaning to hop on and ride.  On the way there, I passed this place, that I have meant to stop at and grab some shots at, as I’ve liked the look of the red bins.

Li'l Grey Shack

That was about all there was to capture at that point and time, so, hopped back on the bike and carried on.

The place is Red Giant Oil, and I guess, these silos contain the fossil fuel stuff.

It was about mid-morning at this point, and the sun was still a hint off to the east, and with this lovely time of year, much lower on the southern horizon, with the side I was on, what was visible towards me, faced north, so it was back, and side, lit.  The little grey shack, void of color among the towering red, I thought was an interesting juxtaposition.

Also, to contrast, were these black railroad cars about, and tried to find one that could frame in with the red, and this was as clean of a shot as I could get to compose (between me and the scene, was a black chain-link fence that I had to shoot through)

Black And Red
Ridin' The Trail

I briefly lived up with my older brother, in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area of northeastern Iowa, to help him out for awhile, one thing they had up there that I enjoyed, were these great bike trails… down here in the Omaha metro area, not so much similar, nice, trails… too urban, not nature like and scenic.

Well the Wabash Nature Trail, immediately put in mind those trails I would ride up in the opposite corner of the state.  Really is a nice trail… most of the time snaking through a nice tunnel of trees, on which the other side lay crop fields and or rural dwellings.

My bike that I picked up in the Spring of this year, was mostly tailored for short, urban jaunts of a couple miles or so… well, the saddle that came with it is, the bike can go and be ridden as much, and anywhere, one would like… just, the seat it came with, is not conducive to longer, trail rides.  So, I only rode about fifteen miles on the trail, seven and half miles out, and then back into town, mostly because of my ass gettin’ a little worn.  Will have to pick up another, or second, saddle for longer riding excursions.

One thing I had to take note of, is the aloof, asshole like demeanor of roughly two-thirds of my fellow trail travelers that I passed.  Seriously, all the years I’ve ridden trails, those you passed, were almost all friendly, give you some manner of friendly acknowledgement of you as you passed each other, be it a smile, wave, greeting, even nod of the head… but, no!  Not today on the trail, the majority were just asshole jerks who apparently didn’t think I warranted a polite, courteous response towards me, to the ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, or smile, to them I gave in passing.  Seriously, was rather off-putting, and was like, ‘well I never!’  Unfriendly, rude people.

Anywho… back into town, I just headed the same route back towards downtown, and hung out the last half hour, at the town’s downtown Bayliss Park, and snagged a couple more shots, before they called to say my car was ready.

Bayliss Fountain
Mesh Dome Detail

So, was nice to get out and stretch the ol’ legs for a bit with a nice ride… as well as be out and about with the camera, and do some shooting… like I said, has been awhile, and have been meaning and wanting to go out and shoot lately, so was good to actually go out and do so.

As for the site here, am very slowly but surely, continually working on the Journal section, and the first entry, that will consist of chronicling my first, handwritten journal from yesteryear and days of yore.  Just been finding it hard to give a rat’s ass in doing it… mostly, because right now it is simply transcribing it into digital form, so as to then post on here… but, once that is done, then will get it on up.

Which will probably be in the next week, as today is the day one, of ten, I wonderfully have taken off.  Would be even more wonderful if would be able to just take off and go somewhere for that spell… but, with the Covid, and best for me to not spend too much money, as am looking to change money-jobs… just gonna be stayin’ close to home.  Which again, is good in order to get to things and such.

So, hopefully more activity will be seen on the site here.  All the best to you… stay healthy and safe, and be happy.

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