Freshen Up

February 22nd, 2021

Have gone in and cleaned up, and honed down the site here a spell.  Namely, removing as much of myself from, well, you know, my website.

For example, on the homepage, I removed my visage being seen all the way up and down it, as that was entirely not necessary… So, replaced those images, and then removed the redundancy of having those same images being the header image in their respective sections.  And then lastly, removed the excess babbling in the About section.

All of this just in continuation of the whole needing to get over my self.  Not that I needed it really, but these past four months have humbled me even more… so, the site just reflecting that… because, I don’t really need one… but, do have one… so…

Art, Tree, Bench In Snow

Art, Tree, And Bench In Snow

The above image, being now the homepage’s lead-in image to greet y’all.  Figure I’ll change it out each season… so, that one will be the face until acquire a nice Spring time image to replace it.

Snow O'Clock

Snow Thirty-Three O'Clock

Hidden In The Trees

Hidden In The Trees

This month has been very true Winter’ish, with copious amounts of snow and cold temperatures to match, resulting in the three images you see here.

Okay, so, well, that’s pretty much it.

The two photo series I have in the planning, are still that… as soon as I can get to doing and completing them, the happier I will be, in actually you, know, doing so.

So, until then

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