Expanding Lens Lineup

January 2nd, 2021

Goin’ through my RSS feed subscriptions today, read an article showcasing photos from Fuji photographers, and was taken by one image, a portraiture, but had some delicious, swirly bokeh that I thought was quite lovely.  So, looked up the lens, and turns out it was an old Russian made projector lens that it was shot with…

Anyway, just got me thinkin’ about acquiring such a lens… then remembered I have my dad’s old 8mm film projector, wonder if I could finagle that lens somehow to the front of my camera to use to shoot… before I got too far into actually seriously thinking about that though, it dawned on me – Duh, Jeff!  You still have your very first camera from 30+ years ago!  A Fuji!  With it’s nifty-fifty lens still attached to it!  Can’t believe I never thought of it before!  Of taking that old lens and using it with my new Fuji!

That lens is a nifty-fifty, on my first and original Fuji, shown in the header image above, which was a 35mm film camera, so the lens would be formatted for that, making it a 75mm on my APS-C… sweet!  A nice little portraiture lens!

So, went a scroungin’ through my storage for the camera, and pulled it out, and went to put the lens on the X-Pro, and of course, the mounts are not the same.  Curses.  But, hopped online to see if a lens adapter was available, and lo’ and behold, there is!  Only $20, so no big deal or cost to go right ahead and pick up, and so I did.

So, will be nice to have more than one lens, which is all I have now, a 35mm which is equivalent to the nifty-fifty.  My ol’ 50 mil, was an all manual lens, for that original, all manual AX-3 above, but is alright to manually focus it.  In fact, the lenses I have considered still wanting to get for the X-Pro, the two higher length ones were lookin’ to be off-brand manual lens, a 100mm and 200mm… both could be attained for the same price as my other option of getting the 50-140mm Fuji zoom lens… the two primes though, will, of course, be faster lenses, compared to the Fuji zoom’s f2.8… so, what option I will go for the telephoto side of lenses, I will decide when I can afford to do either options.  And the only other lens I want to pick up is the Fuji 16mm, which will be a 24mm on the X-Pro.

Anyway… until I can afford to get any of those newer lenses, I’ll at least no have a 75mm for the cost of the $20 adapter, in my arsenal, thanks to remembering I had that old nifty-fifty Fuji lens.

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