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November 27th, 2021

This, Week Six, highlights precisely why it was I decided to do a weekly photo series as opposed to a daily one.  As I wrote at the start of the Fifty-Two In Fifty-Two series, I had done a couple Photo-A-Day series, that ended up not lasting too long, because of my being unable to shoot every bloody day… well, and my just saying, “Okay that’s enough!  I’m done.  I’m good.” and just simply giving up on the whole thing.  So, why I said the weekly series was better suited to my being able to get to, as well as keep myself continuing to do.

It was a busy and full week, so didn’t get to shooting for this week, until today, the same day this week’s shot is due… So, just under the wire… and frankly, this week’s shot shows it, as it is lackluster at best.  Though, that is really only because, I settled upon in Week Four, that this series was just going to be also a black and white image series too… otherwise, I wouldn’t have even had to have left my place in search of attaining one, because I got it right here where I am sitting.

For I had poured myself a mug of water, and set it upon my desk here, which was being bathed in the morning sunlight falling through my window.  First, I had picked up my phone and took a couple pics of the light falling through the mug, water, onto my desk… until, I had to knock myself on the head, and say, “Hey, dumbwit!  Put the phone down and take your camera out of your bag!”  As it was right there, because I was getting ready to walk out the door to go do my shooting.  So did, and got the shot to the right here, as well as the lead-in image above, and shown again below.

Well, the base of the one below, as the planetary object is an addition.  Below is a combination of the last photo I took of the sunlight through my water filled glass mug on my desk, and the first photo I took after leaving to go for a walk with my camera… and that being of a granite sphere thing that sits upon a pedestal in one of the cemeteries I live directly aside… and it was knowing that the Fifty-Two In Fifty-Two had been designated also a B&W series, that I continued out, to walk about and try and find another shot… because, I knew the water refraction images taken here at my desk, would be better, and need to remain, in color.

Glass Of Water Abstraction

Glass Of Water Abstraction

Celestial Absorption

Celestial Absorption

The cemetery that I was walkin’ through, that had the granite sphere, is not the one that is directly twenty yards out the back of my place, from which Week One was taken… but, is across the street… where my older brother’s grave can be found, as well as my ma’s ma, and I think a couple other relation.  I am more familiar with this cemetery, mostly because it is the cemetery that is behind the junior/senior high school I attended and graduated from.  And many a time did I cut through this cemetery to walk home from school, or vice versa… as well as was the short cut to the pizza joint us classmates would go to after sporting events… where on such a trip one night after a game, Mark, a classmate of mine from 1st grade all the way through graduation, jumped into an open grave… and I recall that, as if that act was a foreboding sign, for Mark, was the first classmate of mine to pass after we graduated, not more than a year or two later.

Anyway, this little jaunt o’ mine to get an image this week, turned out to be one through memory lane, as  I continued on to my old high school… aside the same fence bordering the cemetery, to the hill that leads down to my high school.  Many a memory coming back to me, in just that little walk between the cemetery and behind my school… like, that last year or so of high school, my parents were doing the whole divorce thing, and that was hittin’ me hard…  many a night, instead of going home, I, just myself, used to just go up to the school, I guess because it was like the only other home I knew, had, and would climb on top of the building somewhere in the back there, and just sit, lay on the roof… as I walked passed today, tried to find where it was I was able to do that… and another instance, where it is my dad found me, after the deed had been done, my parents divorced, and we moved out of the house that I grew up in… instead of me going to my ma’s where, and with whom, I was to go move in and live with now, I chose to rather that I was just gonna live and sleep in my car, and it was on that very hill behind the school there, that I went… and somehow my dad found me there the next morning.

Standing In The Middle Of Memory Lane

Standing In The Middle Of Memory Lane

Anyway… followed the same route from the school, that was taken from the locker room, down to the football field… which I was slightly amused to find that it is exactly the same… it’s just the same dirt trail winding steeply down the hill to the fence that surrounds the football stadium… gate was open, so stepped out onto the field for the first time in many a year.

I loved football… it was the sport I played the longest/most, aside from football (😏 soccer 😁)… in fact, if I could play today, I would play football in a heartbeat… I really loved playing it.

Anyway… that is where Week Six’s image is from… standing midfield, looking up at the stands… picturing the crisp Autumn nights, when those stadium lights were on, shining down upon me in my uniform, playing there on the field.

So, Week Six hopefully being the only anomaly where I am having to scamper to get that week’s photo shot… but, I am sure there will be another busy week or two in the remaining forty-some left, where I will need to be scrounging to get it for the week.  Next week will be back to normal though, and plenty of opportunities for me to head out and shoot.

So, until next week… hope y’all stay healthy and safe, take care, be happy, and all the best to you.


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