Didn’t Turn Out As I Planned

December 18th, 2021

So this week’s attempts at shots for week nine of my Fifty-Two In Fifty-Two series, ended up being disappointing.

What I originally had in mind for this week’s shot, is to the right here… I noticed it as I was driving by recently, which is surprising, as I have driven past here a trillion times probably, but had never noticed the shopping carts on the old conveyor belt going up… guess because I am such a good driver and dutifully have my eyes on the road 😉👍🏼

Anyway, thought it would be an interesting’ish subject to utilize for one of my weekly images for the series, so headed down there to do it.  The catch is, to get this view of it, I have to be standing on the side of a busy, six lane highway… which I wasn’t really worried about doing, even with the jackass drivers that are in this area, as I’ve done more dangerous things to get a photo… actually was more worried of The Law possibly coming up to me, giving me grief, and tellin’ me to “move along, sonny”, that my taking pictures along the side of the thoroughfare was a safety whatever 🙄😒  But, did keep me from bringing my tripod with me, as I thought that would be too much along the side of the road.

And that kinda sorta is perhaps why this shot turned out to be a disappointment, as it is a panorama image, and this to the right, is only about a third of the whole scene that I took, as I couldn’t get the full allotment of 140+ images to successfully merge into a shot… from my overlapping, handheld shots getting sloppy after awhile.

So, this originally planned, going to be Week Nine photo, failed to make the cut.  Also, since the 52 In 52 series is black and white, this would have actually worked better, kinda sorta, in color, as the blue, red, purple colors of the carts on the belt would then stand out better and more, than they don’t in grey scale.

Cart Factory

Cart Factory

After taking those half a million shots, I did continue to wander about the area to see if any other potential shots… which there weren’t, but are included below here, and being the lead-in image above for this entry… which is nothing special… just liked the field of pink on the white wall… think would actually like this shot if it perhaps had another element to it, making the shot… like a shadow along the right side, from someone walking off of frame right … ooh!  Even better, to go along with the graffiti there, it being the shadow of someone running off frame right.  This si so typical of me and my images, and seeing something better and other, well afterwards, in post when editing them, and how they could have been something entirely more and better, if just if – !

Free Jay Lowa

Free Jay Lowa

The ol’ beater of a truck to the left below, was just a short ways down the alley I was in, from that above wall… the bay window, when back along the main street… and another image where it of course needs something else and more… like, just seeing the head of someone sitting looking out of the window… something, anything, to make it other than just a picture of a window

Old Jalopy

Old Jalopy

Bay Window

Bay Window

Lincoln Monument

Lincoln Monument

So, as a backup to the Factory Cart image not turning out as planned, mid-week nine, there was this storm front that was to push it’s way through town… well, through pretty much the whole center of the country really… as this was being noticed and talked about since this time last week, of it’s approach and bringing potential for serious weather, including strong thunderstorms, winds, and possible tornadic activity.

I watched it throughout the day, it’s trajectory, and when the front edge of the very fast moving storm was approaching the area, I headed to this overlook area, that has an unobstructed view to the west, to be able to capture this storm coming from the west-southwest… thinking, and hoping, that the front edge would produce this well defined, and cool cloud front in order to photograph.

Yeah, well, no.  Was all pretty lame ass boring.  Could definitely tell it’s coming, but was entirely from the rain wall coming… and when it hit, it was gone in like seriously five minutes… and that was it. 😒

This to the left, was the only other semi-worthy keeper, next to the semi-worthy image that is this Week Nine’s Fifty-Two In Fifty-Two selection.

As an aside…

When I got the new Fuji in the Spring of 2020, it was my first venture into a mirrorless camera, and explicitly got the X-Pro3 because of it being a rangefinder camera, where I could still be able to optically see the scene I was pointing the camera at, through the optical viewfinder (OVF), without the need of having to turn on the camera and see it via an electronic viewfinder (EVF) screen.

Well, since I abandoned my usual prime lens setup, and instead replaced them with the two zooms, I have noticed that I now pretty much entirely use the EVF instead of the OVF… and that is because of viewing, even with the lower half zoom, it pokes out into the frame, that it blocks a chunk of it out to see… throw on the longer zoom, and yeah, you’re lucky to see anything except whatever may be along the very left edge of the frame… and that isn’t even true, because, throwing in the focal length factor, which is represented by an small boxed frame in the OVF, all you’re seeing is the end of the lens in it, making the OVF absolutely useless.

So, in the end, I could have gone with Fuji’s,, cheaper, X-T3, which is EVF only, and be pretty much where I am now today.  The X-Pro3 is really best suited for small primes, in order to better utilize the OVF… but, oh well… I still like the X-Pro look and setup better… I really do like the hidden screen, so as to not sit there and chimp after every bloody shot.

Okay, so well anyway…

Definitely going to have to kick in my creativity starting, like, now… because after nine weeks, I really have run the gamut of figurin’ out just where, what, the livin’ fuckin’ hell to go, and shoot.  It may be a very long fifty-two weeks.  Let’s hope not though, and this series endeavor does get my artistic creative juices flowin’.

Wishin’ you all good health, stay safe and well, and wishing you all the best, and happy shooting.


  • Paul says:

    Well, I like the way the highlights on the shopping carts coming in bottom left are balanced by the conveyer belt leading out top right. Gives a sense of movement as my eye follows those lines through the pic. Frankly, if you had captured, say, someone stepping out of that open vehicle door in the middle there (or maybe someone walking toward the vehicle from the other side) this would be a winner to my eye. It’s well balanced as is, though. The distortion is the only thing that ruins it for me, it’s a bit wonky. Just my opinion. This might be something worth revisiting another day, I see the potential here.

    • JPH says:

      Agreed on the wonky distortion… it was another reason why it didn’t make the cut… and really only kept it because it actually merged, after three or four attempts prior of trying to get the pano to work… well, hey, at least got this to work, so will go with it, kind of thing.

      I did also like how the curve of the lower mass of carts was symmetrically reflected to the top portion… though looking at it again now, it may be because of that wonky pano distortion.

      Anyway, too much time spent talking upon an image that isn’t worth doing so… that I do disagree on you with, that a human element would not have even made the shot any better. If I ever do revisit it all to shoot over, would keep it in color though so that the main draw to the whole scene in the first place, the carts on the conveyor belt., are better represented.

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