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December 26th, 2020

So, after two-thirds of a year of having it, I am still learnin’ the ropes with my new Fuji X-Pro3 camera.  That first month of having it, my frustrations with finding it a chore to just simply shoot with, led me to put it up for sale.  After a week or so, I decided to give it another shot, and try to figure the fucker out… which I did for the most part… and today, can say that I am ninety some percent comfortable with it as a camera for me.  Still can’t honestly say that I am fond of it, and feel for it the way I did my trusty Nikon D700 that I had prior… but, at least now I am not hating it as much… don’t love it, but, don’t hate it neither, kinda thing.

What I do like, is the images I do attain with it, I do like the look of the images… so, that is something.  Which is what this entry is about, and what I have been working on the past couple days with it.

Mostly, the film simulations, that photogs seem to go ga-ga over with Fuji cameras… and, not gonna lie, is really a tiny part as to why I got the camera, from seeing other photographer’s work taken with it.  But, honestly thought I would never really use though, these simulations, because, from my understanding, they were only available, and baked into, when one shot jpeg… which I don’t, I always shoot raw, or RAF in the Fuji vernacular.

I have not found that, and even the raw files are shot in a film simulation, which I am not getting, because from all I have seen and heard, it is only applied to jpegs… but, shooting raw, importing the files into Lightroom, and they are shown baked with whatever film simulation is selected on the camera.  And frankly, I wasn’t liking it, but was just assuming then, that I have no choice in the matter, and so had even gone in and shot each of the film simulations, and just selected the top few I like the best, their look, and from there, the one I personally like the best, which happened to be their Classic Chrome, and shoot with that.

After I do import them into Lightroom, I can just go in, and select any other film simulation being applied too it, which I have done, if I find another seems to fit the bill better… but still, was not liking that I couldn’t get just a straight raw file.

So, just doing some experimenting, I set up my ColorChecker photo thingie, that has all these color swatches on it, that I can then use to calibrate and set a profile for the camera… and by happenstance, discovered (duh) that it made a straight camera, non-film simulation profile, that I now can use, which now makes me happy.

Fuji Color Film Simulations

That above, was made to give me an idea’r as to what each film simulation does… I shot the ColorChecker in each of the Film Simulations, and then aligned them altogether as a reference, below the camera’s straight profile.

Also, did so for the black and white film simulations –

Fuji Black & White Film Simulations

Though honestly, that was just a waste of time, as I will almost definitely, never use them, and use my true love, Silver Efex Pro to convert photos to B&W.  Interesting though to see how, and what, is effected and different between the simulations…  Like the Acros seems to be more contrasty with the lighter tones, and less so with the darker tones… Whilst the straight Monochrome, is the opposite, and more contrast applied to the darker tones, while pulling back on the lighter tones.

Also, interesting to see the B&W files below the straight camera profile, even the grey scale tones on the right hand side, to see that the camera’s straight color profile grey scales, have a cool tint to them … okay, looking at that on my phone, they look more like a warm tint 😒 gotta love the different calibrated screens… it’s all gonna look different to each and different visitor reading this, and whatever screen they’re viewing it on.

And same with the color film simulations, seeing how different colors are effected… which ones get bumped in saturation, which get more muted… which is given more a warm toned hue to the colors, etc.

Anyway, that is it… just a little sharing of the continued learning and familiarizing being done with the camera, so as to have it be a better tool for me in creating images.  Which I am still trying to figure out how to go about shooting the new series that I have in mind, and that I really only want to focus working on, short term, moving forward and shooting… as opposed to what I have been doing as of late, and just randomly going out and shooting… especially since I feel I have grown tiresome of that, as I don’t find anything remotely interesting to go out and shoot.  So, hopefully can figure out how to do the series, and get to working on it… will let you know.

Until then, all the best to you.

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