And Then There Were Three

July 18th, 2021

[NOTE: Before I get started here (which I already have, and am backtracking to put this at the forefront, because of already having to constantly differentiate in the first paragraph alone!), all focal lengths mentioned below (and for all future entries for that matter!), will be listed in the 35mm equivalent focal lengths.  The Fuji, that I now shoot with, is an APS-C formatted camera, which is the only time in my entire thity-five plus years of shooting, where I have not shot “full frame”, 35mm… so, instead of using APS-C focal lengths, I am just going to keep stating the 35mm equivalent focal lengths, now and forever]

Went against my prime lens gettin’ nature, and went and picked up a second zoom, to replace the intended 24mm I was going to pick up, to accompany the nifty-fifty I already had.  After being very impressed with the Fuji 70’ish-210’ishmm f/2.8 zoom lens, I instead picked up recently to cover the telephoto end… as well as, just not wanting to do the one drawback of primes, that of having to change out multiple lenses when needing a different focal length than the one you have on… I decided to forego purchasing the 24mm prime, and instead go with the 24-70’ish mm f/2.8 zoom lens.

Yes, with both, I lose a stop from the would have gotten/had been prime lens (which is actually greater, factoring in the crop factor of the APS-C sensor, making the f/2.8s actually a f/4.28, compared to the actual f/2.14 the f/1.4 24mm & nifty-fifty were), but again, came down to convenience, and simplicity.  Convenience as already stated of having the one lens cover the wide, normal, plus low end telephoto, all in one lens, without the need to change a lens every flippin’ time.  Simplicity, in only the two lenses, as opposed to three lenses… making the whole system, the total of three being down to, that the title refers to… one camera, two lenses, all fitting nicely within the small factor sling camera bag.  Which is all why I left my beloved Nikon and full frame camera shooting in the first place – for the smaller, lighter form factor camera system.

So, though the loss of the stop with both lenses actually weighing upon me a bit, I am quite happy with the final, now complete, camera setup that I now have… again mostly for the convenience and simplicity of the smaller and lighter form factor of it all.  Photo equipment wise, I am all done, with nothing more to pick up and purchase… which is good, since I have dropped quite a bit for what all I have now.  Only other thing I would like to pick up is a star tracking mount (which I did crunch the numbers of if the 24-70’ish mm zoom just picked up, would be light enough to mount on it, as opposed to a lighter prime, and it will still be well under load bearing tolerances).

Anyway… yesterday, to test out the new low end zoom, I went down to the river’s edge, as I was just had a hankerin’ for wanting to shoot some long exposure shots.  Which is funny, even though now having the wider focal length once again available to me, I ended up shooting panorama with all the shots… also, on top of the long exposure shooting. 🙄

Three Stumps

Three Stumps

Well, except for that one, which is a single image – with the high end telephoto zoom 🤦🏻‍♂️ So, at the end of the day, do not have a single image taken with the low end zoom… but, all taken with it were merged into a single panorama image, as the remaining two below are.

Scene From The River's Edge

Scene From The River's Edge

North Pointing Branch

North Pointing Branch

So, that is it.

I am happy to have the whole photo system complete, for two reasons… the first being the already stated of forking out the money for it… the other being so as to give me no excuse to go out and shoot now… no bull shit, “but I don’t have a wide enough angle lens to shoot this or that”… time to put up and shut up and actually get my ass to shooting what I have not all year.

Which is the long ago mentioned series that I have had in mind to shoot, but have partially used the incomplete camera setup excuse to not follow through with shooting it.  There is another reason as to why I haven’t gotten to it, which is something that I actually do need to find a way that will allow me to, and then pay for that, in order to execute the series… but, now can focus more on figuring that out, and not use the incomplete camera setup as an feeble excuse any longer.

Another reason why I will be getting to the series, is the plain and simple fact of having exhausted shooting any and everything else in this god forsaken current locale that I am still at.  When I feel like and want to go out to shoot, I have absolutely no idea of where, what, to go shoot, because of having lived here for so bloody long, that I have shot it.  Nothing interests me here, and what may, I have already “been there, done that” in shooting it.

Which in it’s own way, is a good thing, because it too forces me to get back to being creative in shooting, and not just doing my random shooting.

So, hopefully that will now come to be.

Wishing you well and all the best.  Stay healthy and safe, and happy shooting.

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