Just a gypsy, nomad, transient, wandering this life/world

Howdy, and welcome, to the umpteen millionth website incarnation that I have had in the past nearly twenty years.  The first decade, the sites initially were conceived for, and revolved around, my photography.  Over the previous decade though, they began to evolve beyond being simply photography centered, to more and more my sharing of myself in writing also.

This site was gonna continue to be more the same of the latter, with me publicly sussin’ out me, and my life, for the whole world wide web to see.

Right now though, I see it being more how my sites formally used to be, and just being more photography centered… with possibly a little hybrid merging of what the latter decade’s sites o’ mine revolved around.

I welcome you, and appreciate you stopping by.  I hope that you may find something contained here within, that may stimulate you in some way or another.  If so, please feel free to drop a line, I would be happy to hear what you would care to share.

Wishing you well on your journey, and all the best to you,
Jeffrey Paul Howard