Just a gypsy, nomad, transient, wandering this life/world

Howdy, and welcome, to the umpteen millionth website incarnation that I have had in the past nearly twenty years.  The first decade, the sites initially were conceived for, and revolved around, my photography.  Over the previous decade though, they began to evolve beyond being simply photography centered, to more and more my sharing of myself in writing also.

Around my mid-teens, I began keeping and writing in handwritten journals… and that continued, off and on, for the next twenty years, until I just up and stopped doing so.  Reason I mention that, is to tie into my having begun to share more of myself in writing on my websites… my once privately, handwritten journal entries, had just began to be public, by my continuing to write them, now in and on my websites.

Culminating with This Life’s Journey (TLJ), my most personal website to date, began just under a handful of years ago, when I went to fulfill a promise I made to myself, decades prior – to complete a journey to discover me, my place, in the context of this life/world.  Within, writing took over the photography, in being more the predominant content on the site.

TLJ temporarily was put on hold just over three years ago, when I, yet again, bloody returned to the area of the home of my youth, for the sake of family.  It is now an entirely too long three years later, and I am still bloody here, in the area that is not my home, and which I have no desire to call, and ever have be, my home… and also, as my being back here inevitably ends up doing, every day that passes, a part of me is silenced, caged, shuttered… because if that does not occur, those parts, who I am, will little by little die.

Essentially though, that is what pretty much happens anyway… I am less the man I was when I resurfaced from that journey three years ago…  just this shell of a man, merely existing, taking up space, stagnating in the settling status quo of the life here.

That is what this site is created to help counter.  To help me to get ‘back out there’, as it were… living, creating, exploring, growing, learning, become more – the true essence of who it is I am… and that I have failed miserably in doing these past three years here, in the “home”, that has always been nothing more than the death of me.

The, ‘Just, JPH’ website here, will not be a photography website, though it will have photography on it, and be updated with my photographic works… It will not be a writings website, albeit, it will contain many writings of mine…  It will also not be a website to share filmed work pieces that I will create, even though as well, I hope to creatively incorporate more of that in the future…

No, ‘Just, JPH’ will just be that – just, me… just me personally sharing me trying to get back to, and be, me… just, publicly, because, well, I am weird.  So, I don’t expect many, if any, visitors and followers of the site here… but that is alright, this is solely for me… an external, creative (possibly, hopefully) expressing/sharing of things, by photographically/verbally articulating, etc., the feelings, ideas, thoughts, had, and bouncing around inside my head, for clarity, perspective, catharsis, in order for me to see how to move forward and on.

Just, hopefully, may be of some insight to someone else, in and with things in their own lives, that my sharing can assist them on and with…  who knows… doubt it… but, will be here/there, for any and all to see.

So, just that.  Just me.

I do thank you for visiting… and, as always, wish you well on your own journey, and hoping that you come to discover, learn, that which you came to this life/world to be/do.  Always feel free to drop a line, share your thoughts, I would welcome you doing so.

All the best to you, Jeffrey Paul Howard